March 16th, 2021

9567 E. Alta By-Pass Road

Snowbird, Utah 84092


                                    Dave Richards, Chairman

                                    Tom Prosek, Vice-Chairman

Kate McGuinness, Trustee

                                    Keith Hanson, Gen. Mgr./Treasurer

                                    Steve McIntosh, Operations Manager   

                                    Kasey Carpenter, System Operator

Bryauna Alderin, Office Manager/Clerk



The March 16th, 2021 Board of Trustees meeting was held electronically due to the current Utah State requirements for social distancing due to the COVID 19 pandemic.


The Regular Salt Lake County Service Area #3 Board of Trustees meeting was called to order by Chairman Richards at 12:01 pm.


Meeting Minutes Approval – Chairman Richards stated there was no February meeting due to severe weather and 3-day canyon closure. With one minor change from Trustee Prosek made to the minutes to change the word Atle to Alta. Chairman Richards motioned to approve the meeting minutes from the January 19th, 2021 meeting. Trustee McGuinness seconded the motion and it passed unanimously.


SA3 Bylaws Chairman/ Vice Chairman selection- As per section 3.2.1 of the SA3 Bylaws. Mr. Hanson stated each calendar year board members shall choose an acting Chairman and Vice Chairman for the year. The Board discussed the positions and Chairman Richards will continue in his position of Chairman. Trustee McGuinness will carry the position of Vice Chairman for the year 2021. Trustee Prosek motioned to approve Dave Richards as Chairman and Kate McGuinness as Vice Chairman for calendar year 2021. Trustee Prosek seconded the motion and it was unanimously carried.


2021 State Auditor Fraud Risk assessment – Mr. Hanson discussed the Fraud Risk assessment annual requirement. The State of Utah started the Fraud Risk assessment in 2019. Salt Lake County Service Area #3’s 2019 Fraud Risk assessment score was 278/345, this put SA3 in a high-risk category for fraud. Mr. Hanson stated due to quite a bit of backlash from multiple entities, the risk assessment was revised for 2020. Mr. Hanson presented the 2020 risk assessment draft completed March 11th 2021 by Ms. Alderin and Mr. Hanson to the Board. For the 2020 draft assessment Salt Lake County Service Area #3 score 285/395 which puts the Service Area #3 at a moderate risk level for 2020. Ms. Alderin presented the Board with drafts of the Conflict-of-Interest Policy & Form, the Ethical behavior Pledge & Policy, the IT and Computer security Policy and the Reporting Fraud or Abuse Policy to be approved and included with the 2021 Fraud Risk assessment. Mr. Hanson discussed each draft form with the Board. The Board of Trustees will review all information and a decision will be made at the April 20th 2021 Board meeting. Copies of the 2020 Fraud Risk assessment and all 2021 drafts are attached to meeting minutes for review.


Badger Meter System – Mr. Hanson stated Mr. McIntosh and Mr. Carpenter have installed 44 Badger beacon remote read meters throughout the service area and the system has worked very well so far. Mr. Hanson stated Mr. McIntosh received an alarm for what could have been a serious problem in the Sugarplum Village. The remote read system has temperature sensors built into the meters and the pipes in unit #10 were about to freeze due to a heat malfunction in the Unit. Mr. Hanson stated we are happy with what the new system to date. Mr. Hanson discussed that we have spent the $20,000.00 budgeted for the meter system and is recommending that the Service Area amend the 2021 budget to add an additional $20,000.00 to the meter upgrade capital budget and continue to move forward with this project. Along with purchasing more meters we will need a plumber to come in to install 3-4 of the residential meters. Mr. Hanson will gather appropriate budget numbers to present at the next Board of Trustees meeting April 20th 2021.


Night Operator Position – Mr. Hanson discussed that we need to hire 2 new night operators due the loss of Mr. Rugg and the fact that Mr. Carpenter has more than enough to do with his systems operator job. The position has been posted and we have filled one position with John Bildstien who is a full time Ski Patroller at Snowbird and will be interviewing another candidate this afternoon Nat Hamlett who is a Su Chef at 71’ restaurant at Snowbird.


2020 Municipal Wastewater Planning Program annual report- Mr. Hanson presented the 17-page Municipal Wastewater Planning Program annual report to the Board. This report is required by the Utah DEQ and is approved by the Board. Trustee Prosek motioned to approve 2020 Municipal wastewater plan as presented by Mr. Hanson. Chairman Richards seconded the motion and it was unanimously carried. A copy of the report attached to meeting minutes for review.


2021 Interlocal District Election Agreement- Mr. Hanson reviewed the 2021 Interlocal Cooperation Agreement. Salt Lake County Service Area #3 has two 4-year terms up for election. Estimated cost (not to exceed) $1000.00. Chairman Richards made a motion to approve 2021 Interlocal Cooperation Agreement between Salt Lake County Service Area #3 and Salt Lake County Clerks Election Division for the local election to be held Tuesday November 2nd 2021. Trustee McGuinness seconded and it was unanimously carried. Copies of all election paper work are attached to the minutes.




SKM & Eminent Technical Solutions meeting– Mr. Hanson discussed that SA3 meet with SKM, Inc. and Eminent Technical Solutions to discuss the replacement of the Service Area#3 server and upgrading the ignition software due to aging of the current systems. During this meeting SKM and Eminent Technical Solutions did a total assessment of the technical systems that the Service Area uses. Mr. Hanson also stated that the current server is out dated (2014) and no longer supports current SKADA software. The Service Area can no longer rely on the SKADA programmers and Mr. McIntosh to continue to run and keep the IT systems safe. We are still awaiting the proposal from the assessment. Mr. Hanson will keep the Board informed as this moves forward.


Hidden Peak water delivery issue- Hidden Peak water delivery system issues, it has been challenging to say the least. The water line is frozen for approximately 1000 ft. and has been for about a month. Mr. Hanson stated it has been very labor intensive to keep Hidden Peak supplied with water. The Aerial Tram has been doing water deliveries since the pipe froze. SA3 has installed a new booster pump to be able to utilize all water in the tanks at Hidden Peak. Mr. Carpenter rebuilt the current pumps that the snowmaking systems were tearing up. Snowbird will be billed for all parts. Mr. Hanson is working with Snowbird Management to come up with long term solution to the problem.


Mr. Hanson gave a brief update of the following:

·         Local District and Special District Training. Chairman Richards will update his training certifications within the week.

·         Gilbert & Stewart 2020 Audit Engagement letter. 2020 Audit should begin Mid-April. Attached to meeting minutes for review.

·         Salt Lake City water billing issues, due to turnover and retirements at the city we have had some billing issues. Mr. Hanson has been working with them to address the issues.

·         Attended Rural Water Conference in St. George March 2nd- 5th 2021. We decided to attend in person because we all need some updates in our certifications and continuing education units. Mr. McIntosh was appointed last fall to hold a position on the Rural Water Board, and was officially elected to the board at this meeting.

·         Water flows and levels are currently down. We as a community need to do our best to conserve water.

·         Mr. Hanson has been working with The Town of Alta on their Water and Sewer Capital improvement budgets.


TREASURER’S REPORT Mr. Hanson reviewed with the Board of Trustees, the Balance Sheet Previous Year Comparison report through February 28th, 2021. The Profit and Loss Budget vs. Actual January 1st through February 28th 2021. These reports are emailed to members of the Board, prior to this board meeting for their review. Financial reports are prepared by Salt Lake County Service Area #3. Copies of financials are attached to the minutes.


APPROVAL OF BILLS PAID - Chairman Richards asked for a motion that the bills listed on the check detail dated January 15th through March 12th 2021 as presented by Mr. Hanson hereby be authorized and ratified to be paid by the office manager. Chairman Richards motioned to approve. Trustee Prosek seconded the motion and it passed unanimously. Copies of the approved bills are attached to the minutes.



ADJOURNMENT There being no further business to be discussed, Chairman Richards motioned to adjourn the meeting at 1:55 pm. 



Salt Lake County Service Area #3-Snowbird                     




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