September 17th, 2019

At the Service Area Administration Building

9567 E. Alta By-Pass Road

Snowbird, Utah 84092


                                    Dave Richards, Chairman

Kate McGuinness, Trustee

                                    Tom Prosek, Trustee

                                    Keith Hanson, Gen. Mgr./Treasurer

                                    Steve McIntosh, Operations Manager

                                    Kasey Carpenter, System Operator

Bryauna Alderin, Office Manager/Clerk




The Salt Lake County Service Area #3 Board of Trustees meeting was called to order by Chairman Richards at 12:03 pm.


Chairman Richards requested that all action items be moved to the top of the agenda. Trustee McGuinness and Trustee Prosek agreed.


MEETING MINUTES APPROVAL – Chairman Richards made a motion approving the meeting minutes from the August 20th 2019 board meeting. Trustee McGuinness seconded the motion and it was unanimously carried.


Res. 2019-3 Private use of Public Property – Mr. Hanson discussed the incorporation of this policy in to the Salt Lake County Service Area #3 Policy and Procedures Handbook section 5. Added verbiage is in section 5-15. Chairman Richards motioned to approve. Trustee McGuinness seconded the Trustee Prosek motion and it passed unanimously. A copy of Policy and Procedures Section 5 are attached to the minutes.


TREASURER’S REPORT Mr. Hanson reviewed with the Board of Trustees, the Balance Sheet Previous Year Comparison report beginning August 1st 2019 through August 30th, 2019. The Profit and Loss Budget vs. Actual August 1st through August 30th, 2019. These reports are emailed to members of the board, prior to this board meeting for their review. Financial reports are prepared by Salt Lake County Service Area #3. Copies of financials are attached to the minutes.


APPROVAL OF BILLS PAID Chairman Richards moved that the bills listed on August 15th through September 16th 2019 payment registers, as presented by Mr. Hanson hereby be authorized and ratified to be paid by the office manager. Trustee Prosek motioned to approve. Chairman Richards seconded the motion and it passed unanimously.  Copies of the approved bills are attached to the minutes.


2020 Preliminary Budget Discussion Mr. Hanson reviewed the 2020 preliminary budget with the Board of Trustees. As per state requirements for the budgeting process. Mr. Hanson stated numbers are very similar to the 2019 budget primarily due to decreased sewage treatment costs. This savings is in part from not having to pump out infiltrated ground water at the Meadows Pump station. Mr. Hanson stated it is also based on the fact the 5-year capital improvements project at the Central Valley Water reclamation plant is coming to an end which should decrease costs. Overall the Direct Costs will increase by $15,600.00. Mr. Hanson stated Water and Sewer rate increases from Salt Lake City public utilities and Cottonwood Improvement District are undetermined as of now so a 3% increase was put in for now as a place holder. The Operating Expenses will increase by $24,716.00 including a wage increase of 3%. Mr. Hanson stated that the total increase is quite a bit higher due to the fact that the Systems Operator will work a full year. Mr. Hanson purposed the 2020 Capital improvements will cost around $335,000.00.  Mr. Hanson stated he has budgeted $150,000.00 for water line replacement and $150,000.00 for sewer line replacement due to the utility corridor change coming with the new Snowbird Cogeneration plant. These improvements will increase our capital spending by $171,000.00 over the 2019 budget, reserves may be used to complete these projects. A copy of the 2020 preliminary budgets are attached to the minutes.


Change date of November Board meeting- Trustee McGuinness requested the November Board of trustees meeting moved from November 19th 2019 at 12pm to November 12th 2019 at 12pm due to scheduling conflicts. All trustees agreed to the changed meeting date.




Electrical evaluation- Mr. Hanson met with Andy Wells from SKM, Inc about the Service Areas electrical system evaluation. Mr. Hanson stated that the switch gear is in relatively good shape considering it was installed 1985, a couple small things can be upgraded for code as we bring in the new electrical lines into the pump station.


2019 Sanitary Survey- Mr. Hanson discussed the completion of the field and administrative portions of the 2019 Sanitary Survey a 3-year audit of the water system. Mr. Hanson stated the biggest issue in the survey appears to be the Mid-Gad water system, which is operated by the Service Area but owned by Snowbird Resort. One of the issues is that the 3 water storage tanks at Mid-Gad are old and need to be upgraded. Mr. Hanson will review the Division of Drinking Water Sanitary Surveys results with the Board once the division completes the report. Snowbird is aware of the upgrade needs.


T.V. Sewer Camera Project- Mr. Hanson discussed the CID crew has made it to manhole #27. Three manholes have been raised in the process. A number of areas have been identified for cleaning that will be done in the weeks to come.


Mr. Hanson gave a brief update of the following:

·         September 9th meeting with Insurance underwriter for our Liability and Property insurance policy. No significant findings only a couple small recommendations.

·         New snowmaking supply line installation is on schedule for the October planned tie in to the pump house.

·         UDOT cut a wire to the superior reservoir during road construction. Lucky it was the 2nd wire and we are still operation. The wire will be repaired.

·         30-40 Blue stakes requests due to Dominion Energy replacing the gas meters in the Sugarplum Village.

·         RWAU conference was very beneficial to all employees who attended.

·         Mr. Hanson met with the Mayor of Alta and staff to discuss on going issues in Alta water and sewer infrastructure that need to be address. Over all the discussion went well.


2019 Election Cancelled- Ms. Alderin stated that the 2019 Board of Trustees Election has been cancelled. The election was cancelled due to Chairman Richards is running unopposed. The Public will be notified via the Salt Lake County Service Area #3 website and Public Notices.

















ADJOURNMENT There being no further business to be discussed, Trustee Prosek made a motion to adjourn the meeting was made, seconded by Trustee McGuinness and unanimously carried at 1:26 pm.



Salt Lake County Service Area #3-Snowbird                     




Dave Richards/Chairman



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