November 20th, 2018

at the Service Area Administration Building

PRESENT: Tom Prosek, Vice Chairman

Kate McGuinness, Trustee

Keith Hanson, Gen. Mgr. /Treasurer

Steve McIntosh, Systems Manager

Monica Lisenbee, Office Manager/Clerk

Gary Keddington, Keddington & Christensen-CPA’s

ABSENT: Dave Richards, Chairman



Regular Board Meeting Minutes Approval: Tom Prosek, acting as chairman, opened the regular Board Meeting at 12:08 p.m. Mr. Prosek made a motion approving the meeting minutes from the October 16th, 2018 board meeting as written. Ms. McGuinness seconded the motion and it was unanimously carried.


Keddington & Christensen-CPA Firm: Mr. Hanson recommended to the Board to hire the accounting services of Keddington & Christensen, for the Service Area. Gary Keddington gave a brief background of their firm and his experience of working with multiple government entities. Mr. Keddington also serves on a water board. Mr. Prosek asked Mr. Hanson the budgeted amount for these accounting services which are at $18,000, but as Mr. Hanson stated, he estimated high for accounting services and expects them to be less. With no further discussion, Tom Prosek made a motion approving Keddington & Christensen, CPA’s as the accountants for Salt Lake County Service Area #3. Kate McGuinness seconded and it passed unanimously.

Job Posting: Mr. Hanson posted the job posting for the Service Area Clerk position at prominent locations in the canyon. Mr. Hanson has received two applications with resumes. Interview appointments will be set up early next week to go through the interview process. Mr. Hanson stated, he will have Gary Keddington involved as well. Kate McGuinness, asked if the Board should be involved in the interview process. Mr. Hanson will keep the Board informed as to the status of the interviews.

Employee Succession Plan: Mr. Hanson displayed the meeting minutes from the December 2017 meeting minutes, for the purpose of discussing the employee salary increases and succession plan, which were presented in a motion at the 12/2017 meeting by Dave Richards. Mr. Hanson stated that in 2019, we are setting the Service Area up in a good financial situation with the elimination of the Office Manager position and replacing this with a non-benefited part-time clerk position and accountant. Mr. Hanson also discussed working on job descriptions for the General Manager and Operations Manager. Mr. Hanson will have salaries for intern positions in the near future. There may be a few years, where the salaries will be high during this transition period. This will be an on-going discussion with the Board and their thoughts on this matter.

Discussion of changes to the Policy & Procedures Manual: Mr. Hanson discussed his proposed changes to the Policies and Procedures and having them be in effect as of 2019. This would include:

Changes to the Health Insurance Policy

Portion of the premium to be paid by the employee. This would be assisted by the board approved 6% increase. Mr. Hanson discussed several options to this policy, based on the tenure of each individual employee.

Mr. McIntosh voiced his disapproval to this proposal and offered his suggestions. The board along with Mr. Keddington also had several suggestions.

Mr. Hanson will keep the discussions open and come to a reasonable agreement regarding this matter.


Sewer Work: Mr. Hanson reported that we came in $30,000 under the bid for Newman Construction. There will be more work to take place next summer as part as this project.

CID Work: Cottonwood Improvement District crews have been conducting tv work on Chickadee and down to the upper circle. The tv work displayed the line looks good. Crews have completed cleaning all the out to the flume in the lower canyon. A meeting between Mr. Hanson, Mr. McIntosh and CID crews took place recently to discuss the maintenance on the canyon manholes and bringing them to grade. CID crews will be back up next spring during the run-ff to conduct tv work on the canyon sewer line.

Agreement: Mr. Hanson has not received the, "Consent to Use", agreement from Tom Jones.

Water Updates: To date, Snowbird has used 30 millions gallons of snowmaking. The tunnel is currently sitting at 235 feet.

Met with Salt Lake City about Alta snowmaking system, 5 millions gallons. Problems with Secret Lake Dam, only albe to run at 20% capacity, r elying on the Bay City source. We can lower pumps in Bay City mine. Salt Lake City skeptical.

Media: The media has been replaced in filter B of the Bay City Mine.

Sludge Disposal: The sludge from the Wasatch Treatment Plant has been hauled away by E.T. Technologies. This consisted of 7 drums.

Patsy Marley: Mr. Hanson update the board on the Patsy Marley water line, which is in the ground and will be tied in before the winter.

2019 Budget-Preliminary: Mr. Hanson presented his most recent preliminary 2019 and 2018 amended budgeted. Some revisions were made to this budget, including: engineering technician, part-time clerk positon and increase to night operators wages. Total operating expenses is at $436,835. Lastly, Mr. Hanson discussed some revisions to the Capital Budget, and having approximately $57,000 in our Infrastructure Replacement Account. Mr. Hanson mentioned the possibility of paying off our Zions Lease Loan for the building.


Mr. Hanson reviewed with the Board of Trustees, the Balance Sheet Previous Year Comparison report for the period of October 1st, through October 31st, 2018. Mr. Hanson then reviewed the Profit & Loss – Budget vs. Actual for the period of October 1st, through October 31st, 2018. These reports are emailed to members of the board, prior to this board meeting for their review. Financial reports are prepared by Salt Lake County Service Area #3.


Mr. Prosek made a motion to approve the bills listed on the October 17th, 2018 through November 20, 2018 payment registers, as presented by Mr. Hanson and to hereby be authorized and ratified to be paid by the manager. Ms. McGuinness seconded the motion and it passed unanimously. Copies of the approved bills are attached to the minutes. The check detail report is emailed to members of the board prior to this board meeting for their review.

There being no further business to be discussed, a motion to adjourn was made, seconded and unanimously carried at 1:55 p.m.

Salt Lake County Service Area #3-Snowbird


Tom Prosek/Acting Chairman



Monica L. Lisenbee/Clerk